Stages of Sensory Garden Installation

A beautiful garden is always a valuable asset to homeowners, and as long as you have the interest, you can keep upgrading it. In recent years, the idea of installing a sensory garden has piqued interest amongst homeowners, families, and residents of aged care homes. This unique, interesting invention has a wide range of applications, from kids’ education to recreation.    A sensory garden can be professionally designed and customised to suit your property and include numerous sensory experiences, encouraging you to touch, listen, and taste. It sounds amazing, right? But before your feelings get in the way, let’s think about the process of installing your sensory garden. 

What Does the Process of Sensory Garden Installation Include?

If you wish to install a sensory garden, you’ll find all the important information you need to know in this article, ready to adjust to your needs. When you decide to install a sensory garden, here are some elements you should consider:    Inspect the Weather and Soil Conditions Before selecting plants for your brand new Central Coast sensory garden, the weather and soil conditions of your site need to be inspected.  When you have established that these conditions are satisfactory, you can go ahead with the installation, knowing that the process will transform your yard into a haven for fresh, luscious scenery. Just imagine how much your future house guests will enjoy your garden! Inspecting your soil conditions can be challenging, so if you need some additional help, you can contact the sensory garden Central Coast professionals, and they will be more than happy to help you.   Choose the Right Plants Whether you are excited to try out some alluring sounds, touch or maybe smell in your garden, there is a perfect plant selection for you. Maybe you’re intrigued by plant species that make noise when you pass by them or enjoyed listening to the gentle buzzing of a honeybee doing its part for the flowers? Or maybe you feel that sight is the most important of your senses, leading you to fill your garden with various blooms and leaves of different colours? Then there’s the sensation of sea pods crunching under your feet, or the unforgettable scent of aromatic plants like herbs and spices. It is known that smell is closely linked to memory, so be prepared to relive some vivid moments from your life in your sensory garden. In case you are not sure which plants to choose for your yard, a consultation with professional landscapers might help.   Functionality and Safety In addition to sensory stimulation, a sensory garden installation should also include a range of customisable functional elements. Patios, masonry, and paving are great examples, and these non-living parts of the yard - sitting, walking, and climbing areas - deserve special attention. Sensory pathways come in a variety of textures, ranging from flagstone and woodchips to smooth sand or flat stepping stones. Of course, the most important thing you can “feel” is safety, so be mindful of your plant choices. When you are installing a sensory garden, plants should be non-toxic, non-allergenic, and pesticide-free, so that you and your family can play and enjoy the environment in safety.    With a sensory garden, the possibilities are endless - it can be themed, split into sections, or presented as a whole. There’s just one catch: if you want to have something special like this in your yard, you might need additional professional help to install it. Want a perfectly constructed sensory garden? Turn to our sensory garden Central Coast professionals.

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