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Bouddi Landscaping

If you are one of the lucky residents or business owners in Bouddi, you probably have a property with plenty of space for a beautiful garden. You may be looking for landscaping professionals that can provide regular landscape maintenance or someone who can do a complete garden renovation. 

Whatever the case our expert team is there for you to provide anything from regular lawn mowing and brush cutting to wood and stone construction services. We can create a native coastal garden, easy to maintain cacti and succulent garden or tropical themed yard – it all depends on your taste and preferences.

You can count on us to design, construct and maintain your residential and commercial properties alike. We pay special attention to every detail and each of our designs is bespoke, made for your garden only. 

Landscape Design and Construction

In case you have just moved into a new house and its garden is not well kept or you just want to give new life to your own yard, you can count on us for a complete garden design and construction. 

We will suggest a few ideas, turn them into a 3D model so that you can have a clearer image of how your future garden will look. Our team will make an arrangement of your preferred plants or you can ask our landscapers what is their suggestion. Once you have decided on garden design, we will begin construction. 

Bouddi landscaping professionals can create anything from pergolas and patios to pavements and garden water features. If you want to we can also create fire pits, retaining walls and feature stairs.

We are especially proud to have sensory garden design and installation in our offer. The positive impact that certain plants can have on our well-being is widely known and scientifically proven. Our team will be happy to provide you with a sensory garden plant installation of your choice.



In case you are only looking for someone to maintain your beautiful landscape because you don’t have the expertise or you lack free time, you can always call our landscape maintenance team. Just schedule a day in a week or month and time that suits you.

They will provide you with any service that you need from lawn mowing to brush cutting, from weed and pest control to mulching and fertilisation. Your garden will always be tidy, lush and healthy looking with us by your side, so you can relax and enjoy it in your spare time.

If you have a property that you are renting through Airbnb or some other booking service, we can maintain the landscape in that yard as well. All you have to do is schedule maintenance according to the property vacancy and we will be there to make sure your guests are always met with a neat and well kept garden.


Contact Our Team Today

Contact our Bouddi landscaping team today through the form on our website or simply dial our number. Our friendly staff will give you all the information you need and schedule a meeting with our landscaping experts.

Just share with us what kind of landscape design or service you need and we will be at your property as soon as possible to determine the amount of work that needs to be done and make a price estimate. 

Keep in mind that our landscapers are educated experts with Bachelor of Horticulture and Landscape Design, who also own landscape construction licence. That means that we will make the most out of your outdoor space and create it so that it suits your needs and habits.