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Garden Paving Sydney

If you are determined to get more out of your garden and outdoor area, but you do not know where to start, Devo Designs garden paving Sydney is a perfect place for you. We have valuable experience in landscaping and we are proud to be a number one choice for garden paving in the Central Coast, Greater Hunter and Sydney Region.

Our expert team offers a wide variety of services from cottage pathways to pool areas paving.


Patios Design and Construction

One of the many things we do is patio design and construction. You can count on layout and installation with the best possible results. And the most amazing thing is that our experienced team will finish all of that in no time.

If you are not familiar with the process, we will explain it to you, so you can know what to expect. First of all, we will come to see your property and create a beautiful landscape design. Ground clearance is what comes next and this is the job for our specialists. They will remove everything and continue the process of patio arrangement.

After that, we will dedicate some time to preparations, because we cannot create a base if the soil is not firm and compact. The team will use special techniques to get the best possible results that will last for a long time.

The next two steps might not be that interesting to you, so we won’t go into details. It’s the membrane and subbase installation. Those are the layers that will ensure our paving experts have a firm ground to complete the process. After everything is dried, we will clean the paved area and prepare it for landscaping.

As you can see, the process is quite simple when you have the knowledge and experience. Once we are done, you will be able to enjoy your patio which will perfectly fit the rest of the area.


Pool Areas Paving

Aside from the patio, the pool area is one of the most important things in your garden. It takes the majority of space, therefore it has to be created with special attention. In most cases, this is the place where you will be spending most of the time and you will need someone who can create a flawless plan before starting the paving.

Since safety comes first, each pool area needs to have at least one meter of paved walking space around the edges. Of course, things have to be different if you want to add the seating area. In that case, three meters are mandatory.

These calculations are just one small part of the whole garden paving plan. A well-designed patio and pool area will increase the value of your property and make it much more functional. So, if you want to combine the visual-appearance with practicality, make sure to give us a call.


How Can the Garden Paving Team Help You?

Devo Designs team has years of experience. We specialise in creating a perfect landscape design but keep in mind that those designs will need proper maintenance over the years. Regrouting and repairing of old pavings, completing the range of garden path, driveway repairs and damaged patio areas. Everything that you need, we can do.

Our services are suitable for any kind of property. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or incredibly large garden, we can make it look perfect. The best thing you can do is call our number or request a quote on our website. Our team will assist you every step of the way – from creating ideas until the whole process is finalised. 

So, don’t hesitate but contact us for any customer service questions, we will discuss all things related to garden paving and find the perfect solution for you. Our approach is unique, made to fit the needs of a specific client and ensure the best results.