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Landscape Maintenance Central Coast

If you want to keep your garden in excellent condition, regular upkeep and maintenance of lawn and plants are equally important as is professional landscaping design and installation. We understand it can be a big investment to landscape your property and that you will want to maintain and get the most out of that investment.

We also understand how busy life can get and with work, family and other commitments; tending to your new or existing landscape can be time-consuming and not always a top priority. With our professional landscape maintenance Central Coast, you will have peace of mind knowing that a team of professionals will be there to make your garden flourish. Allow us to take the worry away and ensure that your property remains pristine all year round.

Lawn Mowing & Brush Cutting

Through routine maintenance, you get the benefit of a great lawn and can usually minimise the ongoing costs. During summer, it is recommended to have your lawns maintained every two weeks to keep them pristine. We reduce this to every three weeks in autumn and visits can be extended to every four weeks during winter. Of course, we can also create maintenance packages according to your needs and requirements, so discuss all the details with our staff.

Brush Cutting is what we mean when we say ATD, Attention To Detail. We pride ourselves on the neat, straight and professional edging. We can clear woody vegetation, saplings, briers or anything else to reclaim overgrown land and make your garden look neat again.

Pruning & Hedging

There are many reasons to trim and prune your plants – to promote healthy lush growth, prevent any plant diseases and enhance flowering and fruit production. Pruning also helps in creating precise and pristine shapes that will enhance your garden’s beauty.

We will be there to ensure that your garden looks outstanding all year round. Our professional service will liven up your landscape, no matter if it is residential or commercial property.


This is the blanket for your garden. We use it to hold in moisture during times of drought; build, create and store microbes in the soil and also use it to regulate soil temperature which promotes root and plant growth.

Besides the benefits it brings to the soil and plants, mulching can also be very decorative and comes in various colours. We can also show you examples of our previous work to see how it can enhance your landscaping design.

Weed Control

Weed Control in lawns is very important. Performed correctly by our team, we can eliminate a multitude of weeds, from bindis to clovers. We also spray for armyworm, curl grub and anything that causes an unsightly lawn.

Our team will thoroughly check everything to make sure that all potential threats are removed and that your lawn is lush and fresh the entire year.


Fertilising can vary between plant types. We work out the best time to fertilise and use the best products for your garden. It is also vital to sustaining a great lawn and will also assist with repairing any damage.

It is important to provide regular fertilisation for all your trees and shrubs because our backyards lack organic matter and other potential sources of nutrition that would naturally help them flourish. Our fertilisation service will help the soil in your yard recover all nutrients lost over time.

Contact Us Today for the Best Landscape Maintenance Central Coast

We offer complete landscape servicing and maintenance solutions for the Central Coast region. This means that you will be paying only for the services you need, and in case you are not sure what your garden needs, our landscapers will be there to inspect your site, and suggest the best options.