Winter Lawn Mowing Tips

Your lawn requires proper care to stay lush and healthy, even during winter, and mowing is an important part of that. There’s nothing quite like a well-manicured lawn to change the whole appearance of your yard. It can be challenging to maintain the garden during cooler months, but it will all be worthwhile when you have a garden full of healthy, lavish greenery in which to wait for spring. People are often not sure whether to mow in winter or not, so here are a few of our best tips on lawn mowing Central Coast lawns during the winter:

Clear Fallen Branches and Leaves Regularly 

The occasional fallen branch or leaf may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause problems for your grass! When the grass is covered with leaves, it cannot soak up the sunlight, so it turns yellow, and eventually dies, creating a costly problem for the spring. This is why it’s so important to commit to semi-regular lawn maintenance, especially during the winter when branches and leaves tend to fall more regularly. Pay special attention to the corners and edges of your garden, considering these areas have the highest chances for stockpiling rubbish.

Enjoy the Fresh Appearance

One thing is for sure: when the lawn is kept neat and clean, it looks a lot more attractive. If you spend some time and effort on lawn mowing in winter, it will improve the appearance of your entire garden, but that’s not the only reason to work towards an uncluttered lawn. This is also beneficial for the health of the grass, helping it to stand up beautiful and tall. Perfect for a little stroll across the yard in the fresh winter air, isn’t it? If you usually water your lawn in addition to mowing, note that you should decrease the frequency of this during the winter months. You should only water the lawn if you notice that the grass is very dry and leaves are collapsing, and do so in the morning so that the water has time to soak into the soil. That said, it’s also important to avoid over-watering your lawn in wintertime and prevent fungi development.

Check For Any Signs of Disease While Mowing Your Lawn 

By maintaining a lawn mowing routine during winter, you will give yourself the chance check your lawn for fungal diseases or grub damage. Carefully observe, and If you find something strange, the best option is to contact professionals offering lawn mowing in Central Coast to take care of it. Noticing a problem early is the key to preventing further damage in the future.

Make Sure You Mow The Lawn at Least Once Every Two Weeks

Lawn mowing is usually recommended once in three weeks, but in the wintertime, you can generally leave the grass to grow for as long as five weeks in a row, because the growth rate is slower. It also depends on the lawn, so if you are not sure how often you should mow during winter, you can always contact professionals, who will take a good look at your yard and recommend the best solution tailored to your needs. Many people enjoy the therapeutic benefits of caring for their garden by themselves, but it is good to know that when you want to take a break, there is someone you can turn to and pause from lawn mowing.

Don’t Forget to Check For Pests and Weeds

Mowing alone is not enough to keep your lawn fresh throughout the year. It is also important to check for threads such as pests and weeds that can cause serious damage to your greenery. Some of them are not easy to find, especially if you are taking care of your lawn by yourself, so it can be convenient and nice for a change to find professional help, and get your garden checked properly. There are some additional, high-quality and bio-based chemicals that are hard to find in a regular sale, but experts have them at their disposal and they can take care of your lawn very efficiently.  With these tips, you’re already on your way to growing the greenest lawn in your neighbourhood - even through the winter months - but if you need further advice or assistance, contact our experienced landscapers.

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