Top 5 Landscape Ideas Using Timber

Designing your landscape can be a true pleasure, especially if you are informed enough. You can create a perfect getaway just a few feet away from your doorstep. That can be conducted easily but first you need to make a plan.  Think about what would you prefer to see in your yard, what are the colours, shapes, materials, what is the style that you are looking for.  Timber is a great solution if you want a warm and cozy atmosphere. There are many options on how you can arrange your landscape using timber and that’s why we’ve decided to narrow down the options and help you achieve the best look of your yard. Here are top 5 landscape ideas using timber.
  • Timber Retaining Wall Constructions

If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, these types of retaining walls are ideal choices. They are also very popular because wood looks good in basically every landscape design. Timber retaining walls come in many shapes and sizes and there are diverse options on the market so there is something for everyone.  To achieve the warm and natural look you can’t go wrong with these walls. You can make a selection based on your preferred color, redwood, but also based on materials such as pressure-treated, lumber, etc. Maybe the only negative side of these walls is that they cannot last forever due to direct touch with soil which makes them exposed to bacteria and moist. That’s why you should use good quality wood, so it can last for many years.  When you want the best quality for your property, you should let professionals lead the process.
  •  Constructions of Pergolas and Timber Decking

Here is another way to level up your landscape design. When the timber structure is inventive and has unique characteristics that may be used to increase the operation in every room in addition to a greater visual appeal. Decking, for example, can be used in addition to the inside flooring and provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. It will last for a long time and may be simply renewed if its appearance changes over time. Another attractive solution are timber pergolas since they can be utilized to create a calm sitting zone in different types of property, from homes to hotels or restaurants. It is best to combine them with various types of plants. There are diverse hardwoods with many grains and colors, so you can always find the right one for you.
  • Timber Fences 

Timbers canmake great fences that can be set up quickly and easily. Again there are multiple shapes, sizes and colours, so you can easily become indecisive. Everyone likes fast and simple solutions, but it is also desirable to look decorative as well.  Would you like to have tall fences that guarantee privacy with a long post and natural timber planks or bright airy atmosphere is more your cup of tea? You may want to install a fence with built-in shelves that can look pretty and be useful, also. Now, when the design is resolved, you can take care of fence stains from a reputable brand in a selection of colours to match the rest of the area adequately.
  • Blend Your Indoor and Outdoor Area

Ideal way to create harmony in your place is to use the same materials. Speaking of timber, cedar wood when treated with the right wood stain is particularly good for tying your garden with the interior together by establishing a continuous theme. To preserve the same visual aesthetic throughout your home you may use the same wood to your patio deckings like in the living room or make your chairs in the kitchen and outdoor furniture out of the same wood.
  • Create Wooden Bridge For Your Pond 

This can be a nice touch up to the entire garden. Bridges are very popular and can create an impressive visual effect on the rest of your landscape. Not only that, but they can help you use the space the best possible way or maybe to keep diverse areas separate from one another.

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