July Gardening Tips

It is quite challenging to maintain your garden during the winter months, but despite that, you have to take proper care of it if you want your garden to be luscious in the spring. All that wind, snow and frost may seem like serious enemies to your greenery, and they might be if you let them, therefore you have to find a way to fight them. Your yard will get frosty due to cold weather, but there are several ways to keep it in good condition during winter, so do not despair. Let’s take a look at tips on how to keep the plants in your garden vibrant and healthy despite low temperatures. In case you are not sure how to do this by yourself, you can always count on professional gardening Central Coast that we offer.

First Comes First - Aeration

When you think about high-quality maintenance of your yard, the first thing is probably the lawn, and aeration is one of the essentials. Why? It enables your grass to receive all good nutrients and to grow. Aeration should be done before winter begins. So, aeration and then spreading seeds are one of the top lawn mowing tips.

Give Your Flowers a Strong Prune

In case you have roses in your garden, this is a perfect time for pruning. You will need to remove about ⅔ of the plant, and the more you prune it the more they will grow. This isn’t the case only with roses, pruning is very useful for other types of flowers too, and if you do this properly and on time, you can expect them to flourish as soon as the spring comes.

Add Watering and Cleaning to Your To-do List

Water is crucial for all living beings, as well as for plants. We mustn’t forget this important step during winter. Although temperatures are low, greenery still requires hydration. This step should be done after fertilization and cutting the grass.  After that, your garden needs to be cleaned. For the upcoming months, all debris and furniture objects should be removed from the yard. When the fall is over many dead leaves and branches are covering your lawn and other plants. Make sure to remove all of them from your greenery because it needs some air. Also, wet foliage left on the lawn can cause diseases and suffocate it. If the leaves are completely dry, you can go over them and break them into small pieces which will enable nutrients to your soil.  Is this too tiring for you? Get some professional help with lawn mowing on the Central Coast.

Start Preparing Your Garden for Spring on Time

The timing is important for everything, so as for your landscape. Think in advance and find all the equipment necessary for gardening for your Central Coast property. Good tools are very important, and you also want them to be clean to avoid spreading diseases to your plants. Don’t let the first frost catch you unprepared. If you do not have all the equipment or need additional help with your lawn maintenance, you can reach out to professional landscapers and resolve everything in a blink of an eye. They are fully equipped to handle any landscape maintenance requests. These gardening tips can be pretty useful no matter how experienced you are. Don’t give up on your greenery even during chilly weather, because when the spring comes it will pay off. And of course, if you don’t have time, or you are not skilful enough, professional gardening Central Coast service that we offer can help you preserve your plants during winter in the best possible way.

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