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Tuggerah Landscaping Service

As one of the most beautiful suburbs located near the Central Coast, Tuggerah can be proud of a large number of well-groomed yards and gardens. And it is our pleasure to say that we helped many people from this area to create beautiful outdoor areas for their homes and business properties.

We run the landscaping company that conducts services of maintenance, design and construction of your dream garden. Our team of educated designers and horticulturists take great joy in helping you to bring to life your idea of the perfect landscape. But that is just one part of our offer.

You can trust us with any outdoor work such as lawn mowing, bush trimming and mulching. We will be there for plant installation, and even hardscape work like paving and timber construction. Whether you are turning your backyard into a zen haven, multipurpose sensory garden or just making some cosmetic changes, our team is at your disposal.

Tuggerah Airbnb Landscape Design

Since nature surrounding Tuggerah and its amazing lake attract numerous tourists, it is no wonder there are many Airbnb properties here. Those of you who are running this type of business know that every detail matters and how important it is that your guests leave with good impressions. 

One of those details is most certainly landscaping on your property. No one can understand better your aspiration to provide the best possible service, which is why make sure that our part is done impeccably. No matter if you just purchased a property that will host tourists from all across the globe and you need work to be done from the beginning, or you just need regular maintenance, you can rely on us completely.

For instance, we can reshape the existing shrubs in your garden, or replace other plants with new and maybe more exotic specimens. Since they come with leaves and blossom in different colours and shapes, our landscapers may suggest which would fit into the scenery in a way that is most suitable for your guests.

Weed Control and Lawn Maintenance

Constant mowing, trimming and mulching can be tiring for all of you who are already too busy. To spare yourself of the garden maintenance tasks, you should consider hiring a professional. The experienced landscapers will conduct all tasks efficiently and achieve the effect you desired in a shorter time.

Every member of our team has years of experience in lawn and garden maintenance, as well as weed control. Mowing will be over swiftly and done in a way to prevent possible issues. Our experts will recognize any type of weed, from spurge to dandelions, and provide your lawn with the right treatment. Our service also includes fertilisation, watering and trimming. We can also help you with choosing the best type of grass for the soil in your yard and provide seeding if needed.

Have in mind that our mowing and maintenance services are customizable. You can book packages for our weekly, monthly or twice a month service, or we can adjust the schedule according to your requests.

Book an Appointment at Any Time

It doesn’t take much to schedule premium landscaping and gardening service for your Tuggerah residence. Just a simple phone call or email will get you an appointment with our landscaping team. You can make a reservation by filling out our online form as well and expect a quick response. 

Once you book for consultation, our landscapers will visit you, start working on landscape design that will incorporate all of your ideas and do all in their power to justify your trust. For any questions or doubts, you may contact our customer service at any time and our representatives will be glad to help.