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Sensory Garden Installation

No matter if you are looking for a traditionally passive and relaxing sensory garden, or you need something more fun and engaging, we can help. As a team of experienced Central Coast landscapers, we can turn all your ideas into reality, and provide valuable tips that will make the result even better than you expected.

Over the years, we have been providing professional sensory garden design and installation for different types of facilities like care homes, schools, art centres, as well as residential properties. We offer custom landscape designs, and with our help, you will have an area full of vibrant colours, sounds and scents. We achieve this by carefully selecting different plants, depending on your specific requirements and budget.

We will consider the access and exit points within the area and make sure that your garden is easy to navigate. The installation process will be swift and without disruptions, so even if there are other people on-site, they will not be interrupted by our service. 


High-Quality Installation of Different Sensory Gardens

Maybe you want a small garden in your backyard for your children to play. Perhaps you manage a school and need to add extra outdoor activities that will keep pupils entertained. Maybe you own a restaurant and want to create a relaxing atmosphere for your guests, but the area where you want to plant sensory shrubs or trees is quite limited.

Whatever is the reason, and no matter how small or large the area is, you can be sure that our Central Coast landscapers will be able to conduct sensory garden installation with ease. We have adequate tools to access even hard-to-reach areas, and we guarantee that our specialists will pay extra attention not to damage the surroundings while working.

Even if you already have some sort of sensory garden, and want to expand it, we will use our knowledge and skills to help you achieve the desired result. Also, we can show you examples of our previous work so you can get a clear image of how your outdoor area could look like. We can design and install low-maintenance sensory gardens, the ones that stimulate hearing, touch, smell and sight.


Sensory Garden Maintenance 

After the professional design and installation, you will need someone to make sure that your garden will stay healthy and lush for a long time. If you want to be sure that all the plants will look their best, despite weather conditions, and that no weeds will ruin it, we will be there to provide ongoing maintenance. 

Since everything we do is designed to fit our clients’ needs, you will be able to select a maintenance package that includes the services you need, so you will not be paying for something unnecessary.

Except for weed control, we offer pruning, fertilisation, mulching, brush cutting and others. Feel free to speak to our dedicated staff to learn more about our landscaping service in general and find the best solution for your garden. 


Contact Us Today to Book Sensory Garden Installation in Central Coast

If you cannot wait to improve your outdoor area with a custom-designed garden, we suggest you give us a call and book a professional installation as soon as possible. After you pick time and date, we will check whether it is available, and if not we will find the next available time slot to book you an appointment.

You can relax knowing that our team will arrive on time and that everything will be finished even before the deadline. Feel free to send an email or call us at any time.