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Sensory Garden Installation Central Coast

Sensory gardens are designed to stimulate the senses, and given the wide array of benefits, they are amongst the best ways to utilise your outdoor space. They are great choices for both commercial and residential spaces, having been proven to improve physical fitness, mood, and cognition.

If you’re interested in installing a sensory garden, our team of professional, highly qualified landscaping specialists will be happy to bring your vision to reality. Whether you hire our experts to design, install or maintain your sensory garden, we guarantee to conduct only high-quality work.

Our service covers the entire Central Coast, and once you decide how you would like your garden to look, you can count on us to turn your vision into reality and create an installation that lasts for years.

Central Coast Sensory Garden Design

Before the sensory garden installation, we need to go through every stage of its design. This is when we ensure that the layout our team provides fits your space and meets your needs perfectly.

Our landscapers will note all of your requests to create a sensory garden that matches your taste. Would you like for your garden to include plants with aromatic foliage such as lavender or sage? Or maybe you would prefer bright, colourful flowers? Our landscapers will take the plants you choose and find the perfect placement within your space. 

Our garden design services also take your plans for the purpose of the space, whether you wish to turn it into a rehabilitation space for all five senses or a place to educate children about nature.

Once you enlist our professional help, we will visit your landscape and discuss the best solution for you. 

Plant Care and Installation

Once your sensory garden is installed and ready for visitors, you will have to maintain it regularly to keep it as beautiful as possible. For this type of landscaping job, including plant specimens that need special care, we offer services such as shrub shaping and tree cutting.

Our landscapers will abide by best practices to make sure plants in your garden are looking good throughout the entire year. Whether your prime garden jewel is a bush with colourful leaves or an unusually shaped succulent, our horticulturists will make sure it gets proper care.

Whenever you feel like your landscape needs refreshing with some new plants, we will be happy to be your service of choice. Our experts will help you decide which plants, trees, or flower beds would be a nice addition to your sensory garden and have it installed in no time. 

Contact The No.1 Landscapers in The Central Coast Area

If you’re ready to transform your landscape into a sensory garden, then it’s a good time to get in touch with us! Send us a message at any time or call 0405 570 649 and we will be happy to answer any questions and help you make a reservation. Contact us and slot your garden in for a first-rate landscaping service on the Central Coast today.