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Pond Restoration Central Coast

If you have water features in your garden, you already know that any problems generally require professional repairs, and this is especially true when it comes to pond restoration.

Pond restoration is one of our many specialties, so whether you have noticed leakages or a defective water pump, you can count on our experts. We’ll come to your property and swiftly detect what has to be done.

While some ponds have more complex constructions than others, our team has the skills to take care of each one. Whether it’s a crack in the concrete or a waterfall that needs reconstruction, we will provide a quick, straightforward solution.

Here are a few things we can help with:

Pond Restoration Best Practices

Your pond can look amazing even if it was installed years ago, as long as you know how to take care of a few common issues. Over time, decaying vegetation, debris and sediment can build up on the pond floor, causing issues like algal bloom and murky water, and affecting the health of fish and other organisms.

With regular best-practice maintenance, you can prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, and nutrients, and make your pond the focal point of the entire landscape once again.

We use aeration and natural treatments to enhance the process of pond rebalancing and help you avoid invasive, expensive restoration work.

If you need to restore a walkway or replace rocks in your pond, we can guarantee long-lasting results. Our team use only high-quality materials to ensure that our customers will be more than satisfied with the pond restoration service we provide across the Central Coast. 

Installation of New Aquatic Plants 

Once your pond is rebalanced, the installation of the new aquatic plants will make it even more beautiful. We can give your garden a completely new look with different types of flowers, shrubs, trees, or even custom rock water features.

We can also provide extensive advice as to the types of plants that will thrive in your garden and enhance the appearance of your space. 

Send Us An Inquiry Today

Whether you want to reconstruct parts of your hard landscape or your pond needs restoration services, our team is at your service. Our representatives will be happy to hear from you and provide you with all information you need about our work, prices, and availability. Send us an online inquiry or give us a call to reserve our service, and let our world-class landscapers help you create the garden you have always imagined.