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Pond Restoration Central Coast

If you have a gorgeous garden with various water features, you know that in case you have problems with it you have to hire a professional to conduct repairs. This is especially true if your landscape includes a pond. Fixing this type of water feature is not a DIY job, which is why we are here to offer you our landscaping services.

Pond restoration is one of our many specialities, and we have broad experience with different types of reparations. Whether you noticed leakages or your water pump isn’t working properly, you can count on our experts. When you make a reservation, one of them will come to your property and swiftly detect what has to be done. And even if our team didn’t make the installation, we will be able to provide you with the necessary service.

Even though some ponds have more complex constructions than others, our team has the skills to take care of each of them. No matter if it’s a crack in the concrete or the waterfall that needs to be rebuilt, you can expect us to provide you with quick and straightforward service.

We USe Best Practices for Pond Restoration

To ensure that your pond will look amazing as it was a long time ago when it was installed. Over time, decaying of vegetation, debris and sediment will build up on the bottom of your pond, and that can cause various issues. Some of them are the blooming of algae, murky water, and poor habitat for the fishes inside of it.

To avoid all this, we suggest you regularly maintain your pond, to prevent the accumulation of too much muck, debris and nutrients. We will use the best practices to ensure that this part of your garden becomes the focal point of the entire landscape once again.

There are different methods that we use like aeration, natural treatments that enhance the process of pond rebalancing, as well as many other things that will help you avoid expensive and invasive restoration work.

Installation of New Aquatic Plants and Usage of High-Quality Materials

Once your pond is rebalanced, we can start with the installation of the new aquatic plants that will make it even more beautiful. Also, we can help you improve the aesthetics of the area around the pond with custom rock water features, or we can plant different types of flowers, shrubs or trees that will give your garden a completely new look.

In case that it is necessary to restore the walkway near the pond, or you simply want to replace the rocks of its edges with other ones, we can do that as well. We work with different materials and guarantee that the results of our service are long-lasting.

To ensure that our customers will be more than satisfied with the pond restoration we provide across Central Coast, our team use only high-quality materials/ You can also count on us to provide professional advice about which sorts of plants or type of rock will suit the conditions in your garden perfectly.

Send Us A Quote Today

No matter if you think your pond needs restoration or you just wish to reconstruct parts of your hard landscape, we stand at your service. Send us a quote today and we will provide you with a quick response. You can give us a call and reserve our service that way as well. Our representatives will be happy to hear from you and provide you with all information about our work, prices and availability. Get in touch with us and let our world-class landscapers help you create a garden you have always imagined.