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Pearl Beach Landscaping

Spending time in outdoor areas is what most people enjoy. Therefore, taking care of its appearance and condition comes naturally. Never mind if you have a large backyard or intimate and small private garden, our landscaping strategies and ideas will help you achieve the desired ambience and look.

For more than 14 years, we have been creating original gardening solutions for you all around the Central Coast. Wonderful Pearl Beach is certainly no exception since we truly enjoy enriching its natural beauty with our landscaping skills. Our dedicated team is up for any challenge, so no matter the project size or complexity, we are ready to provide our best service.

The founder of our company, Luke De Vicenzo developed his passion for plants many years ago, and through never-ending education, hard work, and commitment, he managed to reach and impress numerous people.


Plant Installation

Do you need a presentable and tidy garden for your hotel or you seek something more personal, like a lush tropical garden in your backyard? We are ready to provide multiple suggestions, sketches and plans to help you decide. Once you determine the direction, our professional team will get to work and operate as one to finish everything promptly.

Depending on what you want, we offer various plant solutions that are drought, wind and heat resistant, but at the same time extremely beautiful. If you are travelling a lot, or you want to find a perfect solution for business property, we can select the plants that don’t require much care and watering. 

On the other hand, if you are into nurturing and regular plant maintenance, you will be presented with the ones that match the description. From soil preparation and examination to the plantation and ongoing maintenance, you can count on our reliable team to take care of everything.

Add Value to Your Property with Professional Landscaping

If you are looking to sell or rent your property, investing in professional landscaping is the right thing to do. When you have a neat and organised garden or backyard, that shows that the indoor space was treated the same way. People often think that professional landscaping is overall a costly procedure, but when you have a team of our skilful landscapers at your service, you will see how much we can do even with few minor modifications.

Except for adequate plant selection or full recovery of the existing ones, we can completely change your garden ambience. For example, imagine a stone fountain with a tranquil sound of flowing water. It immediately invites to turn on the relaxation mode. Or how about a timber pergola with climbing Star Jasmine around it? The thing is, we can do whatever you imagine.

In case you need our assistance when it comes to maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Each plant requires a different approach and care, and we know all about it. From common services like lawn mowing, weed control and mulching to creative pruning where we transform a regular shrub to a wonderful small tree.

Give us Your Trust and We Will Amaze You

Our greatest advantage is that we work closely with you. Firstly, we will hear you out and get familiar with your requirements. Then, Luke’s unlimited creativity will bring the landscaping design to the highest level, while his team of experienced gardeners will implement it perfectly. Our work is finished only then when we have a fully satisfied client who likes what he sees.

You can give us a call today and schedule a visit from our Pearl Beach team or fill out the online form and expect a prompt response. We are certainly looking forward to meeting you!