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Fencing Central Coast

Everybody knows there is no perfect garden without a fence. We are a family business specializing in providing services such as fencing, paving and timber construction. However, we will also conduct landscape maintenance jobs like mowing, trimming, weed control and much more. So, besides fence installation, you can count on us to take care of your entire garden and construct your ideal outdoor living space.

Booking our service means you will be hiring highly qualified landscapers that combine multiple skills to create unique designs and gardening solutions. Our team gathers experts in landscaping design and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result of our work. And if this is not enough to assure you that your yard will be in safe hands, you can always call us and get additional information before making an appointment.

Fencing That Fits Any Landscape Design

Landscape design is the first phase of every remodelling and in most cases, it implies a fence adjusted to a specific style. From those that include masonry materials to the ones with different types of wood, you can count on us to combine it with the rest of the space.

Whether your dream is to have an organic looking retaining wall and pergola or you prefer simple deck and patio gardens, we will ensure they are followed by the most fitting fence. After you arrange an appointment for a consultation and further services, our landscapers will visit you to get a clear picture of your yard and investigate its potential. They will provide you with the solution that is a perfect balance between your vision and situation on the field. 

We will provide the first-class service for projects of any size, so you can count on us even if you need simple repairs or replacement of certain parts. And if that is your wish, our specialists can incorporate some new fence design and with that detail refresh your entire yard.

Vast Choice of Materials

In fencing, our primary goal is to make it last as long as possible and not take too much time for maintenance. This is why whatever type of fence you choose, we do all in our power to make it out of the top quality material. Our offer includes everything from natural stone to wood, and we especially emphasize its organic origins.

So, if you want natural material that will endure different climate conditions and perfectly fit in any environment, you will have a vast choice. There is also a wide range of fences that are made of masonry materials such as bricks or cast stone and in case that is something you find more fitting, we will be there to design and construct it. Though these are known to last long, many people find wooden fences more attractive and they will usually choose those made of cedar or pine. We can arrange the installation of them as well.

Of course, if you are not sure which material would be most suitable for your yard and what would be the budget for such a venture, we encourage you to contact us and get valuable advice.

Make a Reservation for Our Fencing Services

To book a consultation with Luke and his team, and arrange this premium landscaping service, all you need is to fill out the form on our website. You can expect our response shortly afterwards. 

Of course, if you prefer it, there is also an option to contact us via phone whenever you find it most suiting. Our customer service representatives will be there to answer any of your pressing questions and provide you with important information about our service.