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Central Coast Landscaping Service

It all starts with an idea and its visualisation. No matter if it is solely yours or presented by our designers’ team, we will do our best to turn it to reality.

Professional landscaping makes your garden look amazing and unique, but also adds value to your property and helps the environment. In other words, it is purely beneficial. Besides any design you can think of, we offer landscaping construction services that include plantation, paving, masonry, and timber works. Luke and his experts’ team will create and implement imaginative solutions to your garden, outdoor and indoor business premises, and any other area where you need.

What gives us the wide recognition in the Central Coast area is our great passion for the work we do. With our team by your side, you can be sure that we will dedicate all our time and attention to your project, so the final result will exceed your expectations.

Unique Landscape Design and Construction

If you already have a clear picture of how your garden should look like, get in touch with us today and share your thoughts with our dedicated staff. In case you are still not sure what style and atmosphere are perfect for you, we can give you some ideas and show samples of our previous works.

Our team will come to your address to get familiar with the future landscaping space. That is the point where we begin to visualise how it will all turn out in the end. Based on our discoveries and your desires, we can start working on the landscaping plan. We always provide more than one possible option for our clients, so you will be presented with multiple choices.

Rely on us to select the most adequate flowers, trees and any other plants that will serve the effect you want to achieve. Do you need a sensory indoors and outdoors garden or you want to have a tropical or Mediterranean style plantation for your pool area – just name it and we are on it.

We can make your existing garden a work of art by adding some high-quality stone and timber works. Maybe you always wanted to have a pergola for amazing climbing plants or you need a wooden fence to enhance your privacy. How about a small rock fountain with underwater plants or a proper frog pond that will keep the bothersome insects away? Like we said, our job is to make your dreams come true.

Professional Landscape Maintenance 

When you invest time and money in your wonderful landscape, you will certainly want it to look at its best at the time. Besides regular maintenance procedures like lawn mowing, pruning and hedging, or brush cutting, we can take care of keeping your garden as healthy as possible even during the dry season. Having a wonderful garden requires procedures like mulching and fertilisation. For some, they often seem like a chore and too much work, but for our experienced gardeners, it is an enjoyment.

Imagine you are away for a couple of weeks and once you get back, all your plants are damaged or even worse, dried out? You will agree that is not a nice picture, at all. We can take care of your greenery while you are away, so you don’t have to worry that a single plant will be withered.

Get in Touch With The Best Landscapers Today 

Send us the required information via an online form and expect a fast and adequate response. In case you want to speak to us directly, don’t hesitate to give us a call now at 0405 570 649.