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Avoca Beach Landscaping Service

If you are looking for someone who can design and install a perfect landscape for your property, you can sit and relax because you have reached your destination. As a team of professional landscapers, we offer complete service.

Besides landscape design and installation, we offer landscape maintenance that will make your garden look perfect during the entire year. Our services are available upon request, but you can also choose a custom monthly or yearly plan, and we will conduct all planned activities to keep your landscape in excellent condition.

We can create garden designs from scratch, but we can also improve the existing ones and enrich them with different types of landscape construction like pergolas, small pedestrian bridges, pavements and so on. Besides timber and masonry construction, we can create various water fixtures that will make your landscape more beautiful and keep the plants fresh.

Landscape Design and Construction

There is no better way to arrange the outdoor areas of your property than to let our team of landscape designers, horticulturalists and gardeners take care of everything. We tend to work together with our customers for the best results, so feel free to share your ideas with us, and we will develop the design that reflects your wishes and provides the most practical solutions.

Depending on the type of soil on your property, as well as the number of sunlight hours, we will create a selection of plants that is suitable for that area. In case that the ground needs to be enriched with nutrients necessary for trees, flowers and shrubs growth, we can conduct fertilisation before the planting process begins.

Our team can create computer-animated landscape designs to help you see what your garden will look like, even before the installation process begins. This will allow you to add changes that better fit your taste and needs. Don’t hesitate to share all suggestions with us, because we will be happy to adjust a landscape plan to suit you perfectly.


Landscaping for Airbnb Properties

Since Avoca Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this area, you might be renting your property to vacationers. If so, you will need someone to help you keep it neat all the time, especially if you are living in another city. Luckily, we offer specially designed landscaping for Airbnb properties, so you can be sure that a lush and tidy garden will always welcome your guests.

People love sitting in a beautiful garden, plus that is the first thing they will see when they arrive, and with us by your side, you can be sure they will have an excellent first impression. We offer different services to keep the soil and plants moisturised, like mulching, fertilisation as well as unique watering solutions that are both – beautiful and useful. 

Also, you can count on us to conduct lawn mowing according to the schedule you set in advance. You can choose whether it will be weekly, twice a month, or you have something different on your mind. If you are not sure what your landscaping package should include, you can book a consultation, and our team will come by to inspect the site and suggest a perfect plan within your budget.


Book Our Top-Notch Avoca Beach Landscaping Service

Now when you have a team of landscaping experts just a click away from you, all you need to do is to give us a call or send an email to book a visit. We will be in front of your door on time with all necessary tools packed in our vehicle, so the entire job will be done swiftly and hassle-free.